Famous food at LEGO®LIVE NYC

Thanks to our partnership with the New York Food truck association you will be a able to enjoy quality food at LEGO LIVE NYC.

Phils steaks

Phil’s Steaks hit the streets in 2011 and has quickly generated one of the largest followings around. With a combination of high quality beef ribeye and freshly baked rolls shipped directly from Philly, this truly is the most authentic cheesesteak you can get with out actually going there. The “Jawn” won the Vendy award for Rookie of the Year in 2012 and has since been seen doing huge events like Comic Con and Belmont Stakes

Now the world’s most famous hot dog (rightfully so!), Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs started in 1916 as a single nickel hot dog stand on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. Nathan’s has a team of hot dog carts in New York offering their famous hot dogs and fries with delicious toppings like chili and cheese.


STUF’D takes gourmet sandwiches and french toast to a whole ‘nother level, offering both savory and sweet options. STUF’D serves more than just breakfast and also offers catering. Based out of NYC, they will travel throughout the tri-state area. Find this truck for all your sandwich needs!

Valduccis pizza

Voted one of the top five Sicilian pizzas in New York City, Valducci’s serves traditional Italian style pizzas that all come with fresh mozzarella and hand torn basil.


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  • There will be millions of bricks for visitors to build, create and play with
  • Organized by Parallel Live in partnership with LEGO® Systems, Inc, LEGO® LIVE New York City
  • LEGO® LIVE will include a range of interactive zones, each offering a distinct brick-themed experience
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